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Client Spotlight




Amy Anderson
I look forward to my weekly Pilates workout for overall strength and flexibility training.  It is a good complete body workout and has definitely strengthened my core and improved my balance.  I find the breath component and stretching exercises to be relaxing.  The various pieces of equipment in the studio  (reformer, cadillac, chair, etc.) provide endless workout options, so I never get bored.  Scheduling with Peg and Jen is easy and I appreciate their individual instruction.  They offer modifications to ensure that I am getting an optimal workout.  I always leave feeling great!


Erin Masada
I have been taking pilates with Peggy since 2007. I originally started because I had a back injury, and didn’t want surgery.  Not only have I not needed surgery, but what I learned about body proprioception and core strengthening has helped me optimize my overall health.

Classes are taught at all levels; Peggy is genius at matching people to groups. Clients are welcoming, and I have made good friends through these classes. Peggy just smiles when I tell her what a difference she has made in my life, but the benefits and camaraderie cannot be overstated.


Nancy Peterson
In 2005 I was having back pain and I added Pilates with Peggy as a compliment to my existing exercise regimen of running, strength workouts and yoga. It has eliminated my back problems and it has helped add to my strength, balance and flexibility plus it has enhanced my attention to form in those activities as well as everyday movement.

Peggy is very serious about training. She frequently attends Pilates conferences and brings new information back to us. She is very careful that we are practicing safely with correct form and makes modifications to fit us individually.

Classes are always interesting because Peggy varies the workouts with new movements and many different pieces of equipment.

I appreciate Peggy’s high quality training in a pleasant and friendly studio atmosphere.